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Pilates classes in Leigh On Mendip, Chilcompton, Croscombe, Mells, Wells, Somerset

Why Exercise with us?

Clare Jevons at Somer Pilates.

Hi I'm Clare Jevons.

Thank you for your interest in Somer Pilates. At Somer Pilates I offer beginners Pilates mat classes, Improvers level and private 1:1 Pilates tuition at a range of venues in North Somerset including Wells, Croscombe, Leigh on Mendip and Chilcompton.
Classes vary in price dependent on venue but are around £7.50 per class.

I began my Pil
... ates practice over 15 years ago. Its benefits in terms of mobility, stability and balance in your body are well known but I have also found the level of focus required; the so called "mind -body connection" to be invaluable.

In 2015 I completed my training at the renowned Scott Studio under Master Practitioner Suzanne Scott. There I covered detailed anatomy and physiology as well as a thorough analysis of the classical and evolved exercises and their benefits. As part of my training I researched Pilates as an aid to mindfulness and it is this aspect which I hope to bring to my teaching, by providing flowing, focused classes with a particular emphasis on breath and quality of movement.

I am currently training in Somatics: a gentle movement discipline, which helps maintain conscious control of our nerves and muscles enabling us to conquer habits which cause pain, stiffness and even reverse the ageing process!
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Insured By: Balens
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